Toshiba excite 13

The Toshiba excite 13 tablet is the largest android tab to date. It features 1600x900 display which is the highest resolution featured on an android tablet. It is reputed to have a 13 hour battery life with moderate age. As with the smaller excite 7.7 it features a tegra 3 processor so you can expect things to go along nicely. In the the excite 13 will cost £409 for a 32 GB edition with the 64 GB costing another £63. Stay tuned for more news on UK pricing and global availability.   
Samsung Galaxy tab 7.7
Samsungs galaxy tab 7.7 is one from 20 tablets released from the Korean manufacture, but this particular model differs from the rest, as it features a 7.7 inch screen which is a first in the tablet market. The display is a super amoled plus affair which gives the tab an extremely bright screen that is low on power consumption, the device is made from brushed aluminium so it has a very premium fell. All in all my initial view of the product is that it looks to be a promising prospect for the perfect portable tablet...

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The samsung galaxy tab 10.1 is samsungs largest and greatest tablet yet. It offers Android 3.2 honeycomb, with a schedueld android 4.0 update on the way. If there truly was an ipad competitor, this is it.

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