Htc's one x Smartphone is looking to take on the Samsung galaxy nexus to become king of the android Smartphone. Both devices are practically the same size and both run android 4.0 ICS, the one x with the much improved sense 4 overlay. Get ready for a comparison to find which of these devices reigns supreme.

As mentioned earlier both these devices are incredibly similar in size, the one x features a 4.7" screen with the galaxy nexus sporting a slightly smaller 4.65"; both of which are gargantuan in comparison to the average Smartphone. In my opinion I think that the one x is the better built device with its unibody polycarbonate casing being comfortable to hold and oozing quality. The galaxy nexus on the other hand features a plastic construction which feels OK in the hand, but in comparison to the one x it lacks the premium feel that a device of that price should have. The galaxy nexus though has a removable battery cover which the one x lacks. If not having a removable battery cover is a deal breaker then the galaxy nexus id for you, otherwise the one x's supreme build quality wins out.

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